Support the University by giving to The JWU FUND

JWU students in culinary building Gifts to the JWU Fund, Johnson & Wales University's current-use fund, go to work immediately and are typically spent entirely in the year they are received. They have a direct and immediate impact on JWU — this week, this month, this year. Donors may choose to support the university's greatest needs or direct their gifts to a particular campus or priority. 

The university applies Greatest Needs gifts to critical areas that enhance all aspects of the academic experience.

The John J. Bowen '77 and Kathleen A. Harney Student Relief Fund provides financial assistance to students when an emergency, like a significant medical expense, travel home for a family emergency or other personal situation, might otherwise force a student to abandon his or her education.

Gifts to the John and Donna Yena Experiential Education Fund (The Yena Fund) subsidize unpaid internships for up to $1,500 per internship.

Scholarship support helps make a JWU education as affordable as possible for the more than 90 percent of students who have demonstrated financial need.

Gifts to Wildcat Athletics support the development and growth of the university's sports programs.


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JWU student Morgan '16


Of course my scholarships make getting my degree more affordable, but working for the phonathon, I see how all the donated money goes to work to help all JWU students. It's amazing. — Morgan '16

JWU student Emily '17


It means a lot to someone like me. It gives me and many more like me the opportunity to get an exceptional education at JWU. — Emily  '17

JWU student Jade '16 


Student support from people like you has made it possible for me to follow my dream of a culinary education. — Jade '16