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JWU's Chancellor Bowen speaks with studentsIn 2013, Chancellor John J. Bowen '77 and First Lady Kathleen Harney established the Chancellor's Student Relief Fund to provide students with financial support when they face unanticipated financial expenses due to difficult circumstances.

Ensuring that JWU students can stay in school to finish their studies is an important priority for the university. Full-time undergraduate students enrolled at JWU and in good academic standing can apply for reimbursement for expenses incurred because of an emergency. A fund-approval committee has been established to review applications received online and to interview students seeking support from the fund. Awards to students are considered gifts and documented in tax forms at the end of the year.

The Chancellor's Student Relief Fund is meant to be sustainable and students who have benefited from it during their undergraduate years are encouraged to make a donation to it when their circumstances improve. Through the Chancellor's Student Relief Fund, the university can respond when the unexpected happens.  


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JWU student Shardee '18


Students like me strive to be independent, but you never know what tomorrow might bring. The Chancellor's Student Relief Fund provides peace of mind. — Shardae '18

JWU student Rielle '18


I understand that the Chancellor's Student Relief Fund can help with extreme emergencies like replacing necessities lost in a fire. For some reason, that's a great comfort to me about this community. — Rielle '19

JWU student Stevee '16


Emergencies happen every day and it's great to know that JWU is there with the Chancellor's Student Relief Fund to help should I encounter an emergency that might otherwise force me to leave school. — Stevee '16